Surface roughness and finish measuring sensors

Lasercheck® Sensor Heads & Controllers - Discontinued

Ra Surface Roughness Measurement products

Different size and capability measurement heads can be selected to optimize for specific measurement requirements of size, durability, handling and mounting tolerances. The surface roughness measuring heads can be combined with different controllers for specific requirements of portability, ease of use, automation, integration and customization.

Accessories are available for Measurement Heads and Controllers to enhance capabilities, ease of use, special alignment needs, mounting, and integration into user processes and machinery.

Laser Sensor Heads - Discontinued

hand-held surface finish measuring sensor
The Model 8826 Lasercheck® Surface Finish Sensor is our smallest surface finish sensor head, just 25 x 19 x 52 mm. It is designed for measuring material roughness in tight locations such as journal and lobes on automotive crankshafts and camshafts. The 8826 head is very convenient for quick checks of short shafts on pump, transmission and engine parts.
Measuring range: 0.0325 to 2 micron (1.50 - 80 micro-inch)
Mechanical size: 25.1 x 19.1 x 52.2 mm (0.99 X 0.75 X 2.055)  
Controller compatibility: Automated (POM Model), Portable (B Model) and (C) OEM Model
Features: Portable, Light & Durable, Measures any material, Fits in tight spaces
Lasercheck 6212 sensor surface roughness sensor head
The Model 6212 Lasercheck® Surface Roughness Gage provides very repeatable measurements and is the most rugged surface finish gage in the world. The measurement head has no moving parts and all internal components are protected by a solid aluminum block housing. It never needs recalibration, eliminating the need for maintenance, repair, and recalibration costs.
Measuring range: < 0.0125 to 2 micron (<1.0 - 80 micro-inch)
Mechanical size: 76.2 x 35.6 x 44.4 mm (3.00 X 1.40 X 1.75”)  
Controller compatibility:Automated (POM Model), Portable (B Model) and (C) OEM Model
Features: Rugged, compact


Lasercheck® Controllers - Discontinued

Lasercheck 6212 sensor surface roughness sensor head
The Lasercheck® "POM" Version automated controller provides all software, inputs, outputs, and features for 100% automated surface finish measurement of surfaces. The controller accepts trigger inputs from your manufacturing process or independent trigger sensors or by control software. Outputs include LCD display, USB port, RS232/422, Ethernet, or failed part triggers.
Mechanical size: 176 x 38 x 114 mm (6.9 x 1.5 x 4.5")
Sensor compatibility: Model 8826, Model 6212
Outputs: Ethernet, USB, RS232/422, and out of specification alarm outputs
Integrated controller automated surface finishing measuring system
The Lasercheck® OEM Card Controller is designed for manufacturers of automated gaging and machine tool equipment. The OEM controller is integrated directly into systems used on the factory floor. This controller gives roughness values in ASCII format through an RS232 interface. OEM manufacturers create interface softwware to request and read the real time roughness values into their machinery software.
Mechanical size: 144 x 88 x 228 mm (3.65 x 2.25 x 5.8")
Sensor compatibility: Model 8826, Model 6212
Features: Compact embedded PC board, DB15 connect to user control, I/O port, easy to integrate
Lasercheck® Surface Roughness Measurement products